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Encountering husband has an affair, wife demanded the third person exactly 300 thousand, then do one thing that make the whole family husband horrified
November 27 2018, 10:16 AM
Kien and the other girl were so surprised, first of all because of the calm attitude of Dung, the second is that she demanded exactly 300 thousand from that girl.

Kien and the other girl were so surprised, first of all because of the calm attitude of Dung, the second is that she demanded exactly 300 thousand from that girl.

Unconsciously read the message in her husband’s phone that contains the address of her husband’s husband dating, Dung silence for a long time. For some reason she can be so calm. Her emotions have been rancid for a long time. She does not remember exactly how many times she read these type of messages. She did not know what to do except a sigh.

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He sleeps with lonely girl who has money and needs love. Although he is very kind to his wife and children at home but Dung no longer has feelings for him anymore. She had already made final decision, but still wanted to give Kien a memory before they broke up.

Kien always thought that having an affair outside is normal toward everyman in the world. As long as they still be with his wife and children.

Knowing the address of the hotel that his husband arranged with the other woman, Dung caught a taxi to get there. She knocked on the door. A few moments later, her husband wrapped towel appeared. He was shocked to see Dung, trying to seduce her not to make the noise.

But different from Kien’s thoughts, Dung smiled, ignored him and walked into the room.

“Baby, hear me explain, please!” Kien wanted to stop his wife.

“I do not do anything” – Dung said

Dung entered the room, a blanket girl who was lying on the bed. Dung took a deep breath and said to her: “You know he is married but still sleep with him. I will not blame much. You sat up and gave me 300 thousand and then I will go and let the two of you continue”.

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Both Kien and the other girls were amazed at Dung’s calm attitude. They were surprised but as long as Dung did not make a fuss, the girl rushed to give money to Dung.

As promised, Dung hold money and go, do not look at her husband.  But Kien is not happy to continue with the girl anymore. He hurried to get dressed and went home with his wife.

Dung straight to her husband’s  parents. After the greeting, Kien was also present. In front of her parents-in-law, she gave them 300 thousand s and said: “Parents, this is the money husband to go to work as gigolo. I received this money from his client at the hotel. He has been doing this for a long time, but I cannot do anything to make him stop it. I have no choice so I have to talk to you. I decide divorced. I cannot continue living with this man anymore.

Listen to Dung, parents and Kien looked at each other panic:

“Gigolo?”  Kien’s father asked

“Yes, he sleeps from one person to another, all the women has money but loneliness and need love ” Dung seriously replied.

Kiên’s parents and he is embarrassed, do not know how to answer.

” Mother, help him to save the money. He has been hard work to ear this” Dung said and quickly leave.

Out to the gate, Dung heard her father’s husband scolded Kien, but she still did not turn her back once.

A modern woman who is sober, brave and independent enough not to depend on men. Everyone wants their family to be happy, but if at some point the family is not so warm and so much suspicion of cheating from their husbands let consider it as an unnecessary risk.  If you can forgive, forgive. If you can not forgive, give up and take care of yourself as well as your own happiness. You do not have to endure or try to live for anyone.

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