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Eating noodles for 3 weeks to save money for shopping, young girl was immediately taken to the hospital
November 21 2018, 2:23 PM
In order to save money for shopping, a girl student chose to eat noodles instead of rice. However, make sure that she will never repeat this action one more time.

Accordingly, in order to save a big amount of money for Black Day(11 November in China), a girl student named Hong Jia is attending a university in Nantong City. Jiangsu, China chose to eat only instant noodles for three weeks. However, this act of foolishness caused the girl to pay an expensive price.

After 3 weeks enjoying the noodles, the young girl  suddenly had high fever and severe abdominal pain. Immediately, the girl was taken to hospital and had to stay there for 2 days.

Coming back at school, the girl shared that after eating this regime  for nearly a month, all the money that she saved an amount of money but it “disappeared” without trace. However, the money was not used for shopping purposes, as Hong Jia originally planned. Instead, she spent all of her money on hospital bills as well as buying drugs according to the doctor’s request.

Currently, the reason why girl hospitalized hasn’t  been revealed, but Chinese girl said that eating instant noodles for a long time was the reason why she had to go to the doctor and stay in treatment for 2 days .

According to Hong Jia, after a long time just eating instant noodles, she bought only 11 face masks, while the rest money was paid to the hospital.

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Video source: VTC14

Video source: VTC14

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