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Eating lesson from young girls suffering end-stage stomach cancer with extremely high levels of malignancy
February 04 2019, 8:57 PM
There are seemingly harmless habits that are 'unbelievably harmful' to the stomach - the most vulnerable part of the digestive system.

According to the news from Fujian (China), two months ago, a 27-year-old girl, Xiaojun in Quanzhou, suffered severe and persistent stomach pain for over a month. That’s why she went to the Department of Gastroenterology, Fujian University of Medicine’s Second Link Hospital for examination.

Dr Chen Jiangmu said: ‘We have a gastroscopy for Xiaojun and as we are worried, the result is that she has end-stage stomach cancer, the whole stomach is damaged, the disease is Gastric adenocarcinoma, very high malignant level.

Informed, the patient’s father was very sad and regretful. He shared that he could not advise her to give up bad eating habits. Every night, she played the computer late at night, regularly ordered food outside and eating lots of baked foods and instant noodles.

Dr Jiangmu also added: ‘We have met so many young girls, eating habits like Xiaojun.

Although these bad habita are not the main cause of stomach cancer, they are a common factor affecting stomach diseases.

Research on patients with stomach cancer from Tokyo University (Japan) found that more than 38% of people eat very late or do not eat at fixed hours. Besides, eating at night is synonymous with staying up at night.

Frequently sleeping late, unconditional activities lead to a decline in the immune system, the body is difficult to fight disease.

In addition to eating at the wrong time, unhealthy eating habits also increases the risk of stomach cancer.

People with long-term stomach problems have the following habits: like to eat baked foods, hot spicy foods, stimulant drinks such as solid tea and coffee, don’t like to eat or eat very little fresh vegetables.

In addition, regular smoking and drinking alcohol, eating fermented foods such as pickles, fried foods also increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Kim Ngan Do

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