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Eat potato chips everyday but do you know how ‘cleanly’ people make them ?
August 01 2018, 5:07 PM
Take a look at the process of making potato chips.

Watching the eye catching production line of potato snacks ,which is for those people who love snacks !

Potatoes are placed into the line with the cleaning system .

It is cut into thin slices and put into a frying pan .

The Potatoes slices are fried

After being fried , it is brought to the drying line, where the potatoes are dried and sprinkled with salt.

When the potatoes are sufficiently dry, they will pass through the line to pack the finished product.

There are  six steps making to make potato chips:

The arrival of the potatoes (potato receiving) Washing and peeling Slicing Frying Seasoning Bagging

That’s it. There is nothing more to it than that. It is just as you might expect.

The potatoes are placed into a giant drum and washed and scrubbed. No chemicals are used. Just water. The inside of the drum is lined with sandpaper. The process lasts for 45 seconds. The potatoes flip around the drum and roll out on to a conveyor belt. Some, you can’t help but notice, seem better scrubbed than others.

The potatoes are about to be sliced. Just one man – sitting down, wearing gloves, overalls and a hairnet – stands in their way. It’s his job to check that no imperfect potatoes have managed to evade the CCTV cameras and slip through the net.

The poor chap must dream of potatoes, moving potatoes, rows and rows of them, every night.

Three snare drum-sized steel drums – each one equipped with razor-sharp steel blades – whirr constantly, slicing their way through acres of scrubbed and washed spuds.

This process, the cutting of the potatoes, never stops. The steel blades are replaced every 90 minutes.

Watching video:

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