Easy steps to make delicious garlic butter poached quail eggs
October 05 2018, 4:52 PM
Just few easy steps then you can get delicious garlic butter poached quail eggs for your family dinner. Let’s cook now!


-          Quail eggs: 25

-          Butter: 20g

-          Minced garlic: 10g

-          Fish sauce: 30g

-          Water: 30ml

-          Sugar: 30g

-          Chili sauce: 20g

-          Tomato sauce: 20g


Step 1: Boil quail eggs. Rinse under cold tap, drain and peel off shells.

Step 2: Fry boiled quail eggs until slightly brown.

Step 3: Heat butter until it melts, quickly stir-fry minced garlic. Add in fish sauce, water, sugar, chili sauce and tomato sauce. After that, add in quail eggs and poach.

Good luck and enjoy!

Kieu Trang 

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