Easy Egg Tofu recipe with 5 steps
September 12 2018, 5:30 PM
Homemade egg tofu is not only nutritious but also hygienic. Let's do it!


- Egg: 6

- Soy milk: 500 ml

- Cornstarch: 5g

- Salt: 1 tbsp


- Step 1: Beat 6 eggs in a bowl.

- Step 2: Add 500ml soy milk, 5g cornstarch, 1/8 tbsp salt, stir and boil.

- Step 3: Pour the soy milk into the bowl of egg and stir. Then, put the mixture into a mold which already wrapped with food wrapper.

- Step 4: Steam the mixture.

- Step 5: Cut into pieces and enjoy!

Huyen Nguyen

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