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Eager to try new shoes before school day, 4-year-old girl nearly died of a small injury at the foot
September 07 2018, 9:41 AM
Jodie took her four-year-old daughter to buy new shoes, but only one day later, she had to crush her daughter to hospital and the daughter nearly died because of a small injury at her foot.

Sienna Rasul, 4, recently hospitalized at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, in a state of constant crying and fever.

Before that, she and her mother Jodie Thomas, 26, went shopping and tried a pair of shoes in the store. The next day, the girl had a high fever and constantly cried.

After being hospitalized, Sienna was diagnosed with a septicemia. According to the results of the test, doctors determined that she was infected by the bacteria in the shoe that had previously tried to penetrate through a wound at the foot.

Open wounds are a great condition for bacteria to easily penetrate the body and this is what causes Sienna to become infected with blood and dangerous situation.

‘I was really shocked and did not think trying new shoes simply seemed to endanger Sienna’s life.’ The doctors had to quickly remove the poison in her leg.

Often, Sienna would wear socks for school, but she wears sandals that day because of the hot weather. Before Sienna, a lot of girls try on that pair of shoes, so my daughter is infected with bacteria, ‘Jodie said.

Currently, Sienna has been discharged and returned home after five days of treatment. Although baby’s condition has stabilized, doctors advised her family to closely monitored, to avoid unexpected situations.

After this horrible experience, Jodie wants to remind parents when buying shoes for children to be careful to wear socks for them. Because once the bacteria enters, it will spread throughout the body and can be life-threatening to young children.

Dr. Ron Daniels, chief executive of the UK’s Sepsis Trust, also warned that not only children but everyone could be infected with blood if they were not careful.

People need to equip themselves with certain knowledge in recognizing the symptoms of the disease. This is a great help for health care workers in the process of discovery and treatment.

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