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Dwayne Johnson gives the stuntman a surprise gift that makes the fans heart-melting
December 11 2018, 3:12 PM
Dwayne Johnson recently did something that made the fans admire.

On the way to do his success, there is a very important person. This man has been helping “The Rock” for many years in dangerous acts. It’s the stuntman who name is Tanoai Reed.

Reed has been Dwayne Johnson’s stuntman for 17 years. In addition, Reed is also Dwayne’s cousin. To show his appreciation, Dwayne gives Reed a new pickup truck as a gift.

Previously, he also bought his mother a new car as a thank you.

When Reed sees the red ribbon, Reed did not know it was Dwayne’s gift for him. When giving Reed a gift, Dwayne says, “In my career, Reed has had a lot of broken bones, ligaments, and muscle aches for me. However, Reed has also won the Best Stunt Award several times. ”

In addition, Dwayne Johnson adds: “Reed does not only help my career fly high, but also takes on the role of many Hollywood stars. He holds important positions. ”


Video credit: CBS News

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