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They dug a hole in the ice and then dropped bait, the result was too impressive!
October 07 2018, 11:46 AM
Have you ever heard of "fishing on ice"? Let's see how the father and his son fished on ice?

Beneath the thick layer of ice contained interesting surprises. The entire river turned into a white river. They had to work very hard to dig a small hole to drop the bait.

After dropping the bait, the father and his son also had to wait patiently, perhaps that day was a lucky day of them because a fish quickly took the bait.

The hole was very small, did not know they would catch a big fish or a small fish?

It seemed to be difficult, but finally a big fish took the bait. Their ‘fishing on ice’ could be said to be “successful”.

When pulling the whole fish up, we knew how big the fish was!

Watching video:

Video source: DKN.TV

Source: DKN.TV

Minh Chi

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