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‘Drunk’ man swings from high-voltage power lines
October 11 2018, 2:48 PM
This was the moment an allegedly drunk man dangled from high-voltage power lines.

Fortunately, the lines were not carrying electricity at the time and the man swung for a few moments before climbing down the 30-feet transmission tower safely.

The incident occurred at a village in Katihar district of Bihar, India, on September 30.

The man, Vilash Bhagat, 32, reportedly got drunk and stripped down to his underwear.

Before anyone could stop him, he climbed the transmission tower and started swinging from the power lines.

An eyewitness, Naresh Yadav, said: “The lines carry 33 thousand volts of electricity. He was lucky as there was no power at the time. Due to shortage of power, shutdowns are common in the area.”

Many villagers, including his wife, pleaded with Vilash to get down. But he refused and stayed put on the tower for some time.

Though he got down safely and fled, Vilash has landed in legal trouble and may face a probe by the local police on multiple charges – from endangering public property to endangering himself and breaking the prohibition laws of the state of Bihar.

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Source video: Newsflare

Source reference: Newsflare

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