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While driving, the driver almost “stands still” as he witnesses this scene 
February 11 2019, 10:09 AM
Surely many people coming across this scene can't keep calm.

Witnessing the strange scene  on the road, the driver quickly took photos of this and then posted on the social networks. Although he underwent this scene, when he recalled, he was still shocked. The driver also wondered what happened if he came across this road in the evening or at night.

Accordingly, the photo recorded a scene of a suit and hat hung by someone on the roadside. If people see from a distance, they will be misunderstood because they can think about a scary scene. For example, many people will imagine a hung man.

This harmless scene can completely become the cause of the drivers startling, braking suddenly, leading to many risks of causing traffic accidents.

In addition to the comments surrounding the photo and the dangers it posed to pedestrians,  there were many questions about the purpose of the clothes hung up?

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Vu Tam



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