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Driver rescued the baby abandoned under the septic tank
August 18 2018, 8:40 AM
A taxi driver bravely rescued an abandoned baby girl from the public toilet tank in Jilin city located in the northeast of China.

The incident happened at the public toilet tank in Jilin city located in the northeast of China.

She was found nearby by inhabitants at 11 pm on August 14 thanks to her cries. Rescuers were immediately announced to help this baby because her mother wasn’t there.

Because this septic tank was only about 20 cm wide, a taxi driver volunteered to save the girl. He said  “my small body can easily go through this gap”. Images posted online show rescuers also supported brave driver before he gradually entered the septic tank. When reaching the bottom of the tank, the taxi driver put the child in a large net. After, the rescuers pulled this man and the child up.

“She stopped crying when she was rescued”, a witness told the Beijing Youth Daily.” The child completely wore nothing and her umbilical cord hasn’t been cut yet “. China News reported that the girl was born in the toilet because the authorities have found her blood on the floor. The taxi driver is a 35-year-old man called Zhu Jingyun.

The unlucky girl was taken to the Yongji People’s HospitaH. She is fine now. Police continue to investigate the incident to find her parents.

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