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Drinking soft drinks directly from the cans, the young girl passed away because of an unexpected culprit!
January 25 2019, 4:50 PM
Being thirsty, the girl drank two cans of soft drinks. Unexpectedly just because of the cans she lost her life at so young age.

Surely many people will be surprised to know that a young girl, who is at the best time of her life, has gone forever after drinking two cans of soft drinks.

The autopsy result at that time made the doctors unbelievable, the girl died of Leptospirosis disease, the doctors finally discovered, the cause of death turned out to be the same because the girl had drunk directly from the mouth of the can, causing Leptospira bacteria to have a chance to penetrate right into her body and cause death.

Leptospirosis disease is one of the most common diseases spread from animals to people in the world. The disease infects to humans by the mucous membranes or skin, eyes that come in contact with water contaminated with infected animal urine.

Through experiments, doctors discovered that the girl’s drink can infect with mice’s urine, the Leptospira virus exists on the can, when she drank the bacteria quickly and infiltrated her body. A variety of acute symptoms of danger threatening to life of patient, including some symptoms can be mistaken for other infections. That is the reason for the girl’s death!

Many of us do not know that, cans of soft drinks when transported from the factory to the consumption place are not washed or disinfected but are often kept in a humid place, prone to cockroaches and rats contacting that causes infection.

Doctors recommend: to protect yourself please do not drink directly from cans, it is best to pour out the cup or use straws, if taken directly, it should be cleaned, disinfected cans to remove bacteria.

Kim Ngan Do

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