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Drinking coffee daily without knowing this common knowledge, you can have esophageal cancer!
January 24 2019, 2:43 PM
Coffee is a favorite drink of many people. However, it seems that little known about the risk of esophageal cancer on drinking coffee in wrong way.

Studies show that hot coffee offers more health benefits because it has higher antioxidant capacity than cool or iced coffee. However, drinking too hot coffee will have the risk of damage to the esophagus, even cancer that not everyone knows.

Adriana Salmon, a clinical nutritionist at the Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, said overheated coffee, tea or other drinks can burn the esophagus, which is harmful to esophageal cells like Alcohol, the 8th most common carcinogen in the world. Alcohol increases the risk of cancer because alcohol damages the throat or esophagus, so overheated drinks also result in such consequences.

So, for a person who has a habit of drinking hot coffee every day, it causes the mucous membrane of esophagus to be burnt continuously, the damaged part will promote the development of new cells, facilitate to occur mutation that produces a tumor increasing the risk of esophageal cancer. In addition to hot coffee, other drinks such as hot tea, hot lemon juice or hot foods such as hot soup can also cause harmful consequences for the esophagus.

Drinking hot drinks will enlarge blood vessels, creating disadvantageous irritation to the intestines. In addition, drinking too hot water not only affects the teeth but also affects the digestive system.

Therefore, experts advise people not to drink overheated water. Instead, choose a moderate temperature drink or wait for the water to cool down to avoid injury to the esophagus and / or other organs.

Kim Ngan Do

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