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The dream car of many people in the world, eating and sleeping in the car like a house!
September 12 2018, 4:51 PM
The dream car of adventure-minded people has come true.

For those who love traveling, the new technology is one of the most suitable vehicles for them.

The car meets all the necessities of a home and the amenities that many people want to see immediately want to own.

When the car is on the road, it is just like a normal car, but when you want to stop and rest, even at night, it becomes your familiar home with all the facilities that make you satisfied. Let’s see what can it do for you when you want to take a break!

Reading room

It can turn into a reading room when you want to retreat and immerse yourself in a fresh atmosphere at the edge of the forest, for example. Just a few seconds, your car has become airy and quiet reading room!

And after a few seconds of transformation, a living room immediately popped up with modern and eye-catching equipment, which is enough for a small family to spend time together!

Living room


A dining room will appear when you are hungry, clean and tidy!

Or are you tired and want to take a rest after a day of driving? In just 3 seconds, there is the warmest and most comfortable bedroom for you. With this versatile car, it will satisfy those who love to travel and explore the strange land.


Many people also confirmed that cars can be used like the house in the future. Renault has introduced a new concept car at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The Symbioz is a living room on wheels, so comfortable that it can even become part of your living room. Writer and urbanist Taras Grescoe is appalled:

Appalled, perhaps, but not surprised; we have seen this coming.

There are many prognosticators about self driving cars or autonomous vehicles (AVs) who think that they will be shared, because cars are now parked 96 percent of the time and AVs could be out doing things. I have never thought this made sense; I thought the opposite would be true. People have media rooms and dens in their homes that are empty 96 percent of the time, but people still invest in them because they want comfort and privacy.

Once AVs become common, it is likely that they will become like the big easy chair in front of the TV — the most comfortable place in the house. Chairs in cars are already infinitely more adjustable and comfortable than chairs in homes, and the sound systems are better too. People will spend a lot of time in them, travelling long distances. As Allion Arieff has noted, “If you can read your iPad, enjoy a cocktail or play a video game while commuting, time spent in the car becomes leisure time, something desirable. Long commutes are no longer a disincentive.”

So comfortable!

If you are travel lover, you may dream of this car! And it has become real.

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