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A dozen stitches on the face because of this thing on the freezer, parents having small children have to note
February 14 2019, 9:37 AM
Because of this seemingly harmless habit that we can pay with our own pain or life, everyone should stop this action from today, especially with children.

On hot days, everyone wants to have cool beverage cans, so they often put soft drinks or beer in the freezer. Doing that, they can be cold that they can drink immediately.

However, sometimes we forget that we have left cans of soft drinks on the freezer and take them out or put them in the cooler. And this is extremely dangerous.

 Recently, a boy in China was hospitalized and had 38 stitches on his face. According to the information, as soon as he opened the lid of the can of soda that being put in the freezer for about 2 hours, the can suddenly exploded, the fragment from the can left his face a long wound, forced to stitch 31 stitches on the face and 7 inside the mouth.

The reason for this heartbreaking accident is that when the water freezes into ice, they will take up more space. Although each can of soft drink / beer is designed to leave a portion of the area to prevent this phenomenon, when a certain area is reached plus the gas inside the beverage cans, they will easily explode because the inner pressure has reached its peak.

In order to avoid unfortunate circumstances, people should immediately stop putting cans / bottles of soft drinks into the freezer. If so, watch the time to achieve the desired coldness, don’t leave them too long in the freezer. Ideally, store and cool under a cool compartment.

Xuan Tr


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