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Don’t put on lead poisoning lipstick, easily make a lipstick from the tomato to have beautiful and not deep lip color
August 07 2018, 3:28 PM
Instead of putting on lead poisoning lipstick, why don't you make a handmade lipstick moisturizing as well as having the fresh lip color like that?

The effect of blacklead are helping lipstick have standard color, sticking longer and more durable. Although made in allowed range, they will still have bad impacts to the body. Through eating and drinking, absorbed through the skin where the amount of lead build up gradually in the body, in severe levels, it can cause poisoning, inflammation, necrosis, in a lower level, it can cause deep-seated and dry lip. Please “detox” them and try to make a quick lipstick just like this at home!

Materials need to be prepared:

– 1 red ripe tomato

– Olive oil or coconut oil

– A little slice of red dragon fruit

Materials need to be prepared

The way to do: Step 1: Squeeze the tomatoes and then use the spoon to scoop the red intestine inside, crushed with a small slice of red dragon fruit. Pick up the filter or piece of clean cloth, squeeze them out, remove the pulp. The mixture will have cherry color, looking very nice.

The mixture of tomatoes and red dragon fruit

Step 2: To add beauty, create sparkling effect and matte lipstick for lip, you sprinkle a little rouge. Then add a drop of olive oil, mix for homogeneous ingredients.

Sprinkling a little rouge to mix with the mixture

Step 3: You desiccate them and then put into the bottle, cover the lid. You can store this lipstick in the refrigerator to increase the shelf life. Whenever you put on, you use a special brush and then brush to the lips as normal. Desiccating the mixture and then putting into the bottle

Uses: Tomatoes and dragon fruit are two familiar fruits. The lipstick made from them not only has beautiful colors as normal but also contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, help lips rosy, healthy and effective. In addition, olive oil help moisturizing, rejuvenating lips and limiting the appearance of wrinkles very well. Using this lipstick regularly, you will see the lips bloated, natural pink and dark pigmentation is improved rapidly.

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Minh Chi

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