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Dogs catch huge salmon when taken to fishing like ducks to water
November 04 2018, 8:15 AM
These good boys are excellent fisherman!!

You may have heard of the fishing cat, but here is a rare example of a fishing dog.

The recorder wrote on his Youtube video:

I was not there this day. A friend took my dogs to the river and they spotted salmon in the river They instinctively started chasing and catching the fish My friend had a video camera with her so she videoed the entire event. I would not have let them do this as its best to leave the fish to there natural life cycle.

The dog caught fish easily.

He was like a natural hunter.

He carefully collected his fish for the day, then run onto the water for another hunt.

Like a duck to water

However, the one recording this are totally not happy with dog catching fish. He still upload it on his Youtube video, and yet, post a half-ass apology to the dogs’ owner.

He also wrote:

But whats done is done and it will never happen again. So here is a video of the event to be remembered . Please DO NOT ALOE YOUR DOGS TO DO THIS. I don’t thing its good for the fish.

The fish were finished there life cycle and completed their spawn. Also all fish were released back into the river to live naturally and feed the wild life in the area as nature intended.

But I still recommend not letting this happen. The only down fall of this day was It created a big argument between me and My friend cuz I “barked” at her for enabling this to happen.

Watch here:

Video source: Kjw Kjw


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