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Dog is spectacularly rescued from sharks’ attack by dolphin in the ocean, which makes viewers to break out into tears
September 11 2018, 2:29 PM
What happened when the dog fell into the ocean?

The footage recording a dog standing on the boat with his owner suddenly fell into the water in the sea. Unfortunately, his owner didn’t realize that so no one could help him. He had to struggle to swim while there are alot of dangerous animals nearby especially sharks. Luckily, the dolphin appeared and took the dog on their backs and then chased the boat to return the dog to his original position. The footage is so moving especially when these two animals said goodbye to each other. However, it seemed that they didn’t want to leave.

Image in the clip


Image in the clip

Image in the clip

Video attracted thousands of views, comments and share. The footage brings a wonderful message about friendship among animals. One netizen commented that ” Spectacular, dolphin is a hero, a smart and friendly animal”.

Recently, dolphin has also made people shocked when saving Davide Ceci, a 14-year-old boy from drowning in Southeast Italy. The boy could not swim and be nearly drowned without the help of Filippo. While his father didn’t know his son falling into the water, Filippo pushed him to safety and approached the ship so that Davide’s father could pull him up.

Dolphin rescued Davide Ceci

Dolphin is said to be a really smart animal. Watching the footage, we can see that friendship is warm and deep. Friendship exist not only between humans but also animals.

Symbolic image

Watch video: 

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