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Doctor warns fast foods effect on the body – nobody dares to eat anymore
October 08 2018, 4:57 PM
Fast food has a negative impact on human body that people should avoid eating it.

“Eat healthy and live healthy” is one of the essential requirements for long life. Unfortunately, today’s world has been adapted to a system of consumption of foods which has several adverse effects on health. Life style changes has compelled us so much that one has so little time to really think what we are eating is right! Globalisation has greatly affected one’s eating habits and forces them to consume fancy and high calorie fast foods. How does fast food affect our body?.

When you eat fast food, it causes an addictive pattern in your mind but in the end all of you will be overweight lethargic and not feel good about yourself. Something very simple will enter our stomach and it consists of many contents that is called as the killer contents of food such as sodium, fat molecules, sugar molecules. It is a big deal, because when they hit our stomach, good things start happening that means dopamine release in our brain because dopamine and serotonin are going wild. You feel great and this taste is really wonderful.

Then when they are going inside your body that are not so great. Your pancrease is secreting more and more insulin to deal with massive sugar overloaded from the fries from the white bun from the soda. Insulin does one thing a drive sugar into cells but it does something else it tells your body to store fat.

Those fat cells grow in size and they start to secret even more toxic subtances leading to heart disease, diabetes and many other things. All that sodium cause your blood pressure, so your heart is beating twice as fast against twice as much resistance. Moreover, in your brain you no longer are releasing dopamine but instead your brain is signaling you to release cortisol causing stress.

After trying to eat fast food, this doctor gave analysis. There is no more dopamine, there is no more serotonin, even he was letharig and felt unhappy, does not feel about good himself. That is why you feel great when eating it in 30 minutes; however, later you will feel terrible.

In conclusion, fast food has a negative influence on our body; therefore people should avoid consuming it every day and eat healthier and live healthier!

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