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How a doctor gives a shot to a young child
August 11 2018, 9:26 AM
This doctor is not friendly but also helps the baby to forget his pain after injection.

The recent video shows the doctor playing with the baby child to distract him from the pain of injection he just got. It can be seen that after the injection, the doctor did math with the boy and playfully threw some tissues towards him.

The baby smiled happily at what doctor did .

The boy obviously forgot about the pain as he smiled happily in his father’s arms at the doctor’s games.. Then the doctor gave him a band-aid for him to cover the injected spot.

The doctor played math with him

Children especially at young ages are very energetic and usually hate hospitals or clinics. Therefore, we need to get their attention out from getting injection and the regular check-ups until they grow older and are aware of them.

The boy is not uncomfortable at all

Watch video:

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