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Doctor cautionary: Stop using contact lens or you’ll live in regret for losing sight forever
June 17 2018, 9:45 AM
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Watching the consequence of contact lense overuse here:

Contact lens have been trendy items for the young generation these day. However, they have so many implied risks that can pose serious threat to your eyesight that you may or may not know.

Wearing contact lenses is trendy in both genders

Many celebrities use it, thus making their fans to follow

Wearing contact lens make your eyes much bigger and more appealing. They replace glasses and provide convenience as well as good appearance that glass can never do. There’s no doubt people go crazy for them and use them more frequently. Yet, overusing contact lens can cause blindness and other dangerous illness to your eyes.

The risk of blindness due to contact lenses

Many scientific studies have shown that contact lenses can cause blindness if they are infected with Acanthamoeba – commonly found in tap water, dust, in the sea and swimming pools. When contact lenses are attached to the human eyes, Acanthamoeba begins to erode the cornea, the outermost layer of the eyeball, and proliferate, leading to irritating and watery eyes, not to mention blurred vision. The user will be sensitive to light with other symptoms like swollen eyelids and eye sore. Acanthamoeba can eat corneas in anyone but the risk in people wearing contact lenses is always higher.

Color contact lenses can cause permanent blindness. 

Contact lenses are made with a variety of chemical components, especially when the eye is sensitive to weather that can cause blockage, eye inflammation, hypoxia, eye deformity and infection, eye cornea. It increases the risk of permanent blindness.

Reduce eye resistance

Wearing contact lenses also reduces the sight of the eye, causing poorer vision. In addition, they interfere with the eye and air contact, leading to a lack of oxygen and fatigue greatly affect the resistance of the eye. Long term leads to paralysis of the nerves causing corneal sensation to decrease, corneal ulcer.

A girl is suffering from keratitis due to persistent contact lens wear for a long time. Wearing contact lenses during everyday activities making her eyes inflamed, thus can not be open the next morning..


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