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Divorced 2 years she met her ex-husband, when she saw the woman stepped down the car, she could not help tears
December 06 2018, 4:11 PM
I am 32 years old, have had a failed marriage.

I am 32 years old, have had a failed marriage.

When I was divorced, my friends and relatives introduced other men to me but I just went to see several times and did not go back and talk. The more I compare myself to my ex, the more I feel my ex-husband better, I really regret. I always remember him but divorced for 2 years we never contacted again.

We are college friends of each other. After graduation, we joined in making a foreign company. At that time, we are closer and gradually have good feelings for each other. Finally we decided to date.

At that time both salaries are low so no money to the eateries, movie theaters. However, with small and sweet actions, he always gave me little surprises. For example, sometimes he brought food to me last night, or at the weekend we took a bus to go camping outside the city. At the time despite the lack of conditions, but we never quarrel, always give each other the best feelings. I think the good man like that I definitely have to cherish. Finally we also get married.

After marriage, I said I did not want to give birth to a baby even though he was the only child in the house but still agreed with me. I did not want him to smoke, he also listened to my no smoking, when I was sick he always stay by my bed care.

But because he treated me so well, I became more and more overwhelmed, my personality became more and more difficult, I only thought to myself without thinking to him. After that our arguments became more and more we decided to divorce. When divorced, he brought all the furniture and money for me. He said he was married but he was sorry he could not come with me for the rest of his life. I did not expect the man who treated me so well to demand divorce from me.

So he was tired, he could not stand me anymore. I have hurt him so many times. In the end he decided to let go. I did not want to divorce at that time but somehow I did not say those words, maybe my self esteem was too high. The old husband said no wrong, I was his birth defects. He did not love me anymore, how can I say this?

After the divorce, I always carry the phone afraid to call him I do not know because every time he was always a phone call. But one day, one month and one year, he never called me one. At this time I really regret, he seriously broke up with me already.

Two years after my divorce, my college friend invited me to attend. That day I also go to see the eyes, but only to say a word, coffee has not finished drinking has left. I went to the engagement party to find a nice place to sit down. Watching my classmates, I remember my ex-husband. We had such a happy time, but now we do not have the time to go back.

I feel like someone is looking at me to look around and find out old husband. He was looking at me. So he was invited, I was amazed, just happy. Seeing him I like to find the joy that I have lost so long.

Is not I dreaming, seeing him to the party, my heart is a little more hope, is he still single? Will we have a chance to get back together?

When I got closer, the old husband’s phone rang, and I heard him answer the phone: “Oh, come and pick me up.” He did not even tell me what he had run out the door. I reached for the door to see who ended up hurrying so fast, seeing a girl get off the bus, his expression cheerful and holding her hand to the hall.

Seeing this scene I could not hold my tears, I could not cry, but my heart choked, I decided to sneak out. I knew we were all gone, he had new people, had forgotten me completely. I was heartbroken but it was true and I had to accept it.

Sometimes people are self-righteous, self-centered, stubborn and just think for themselves without thinking to others. The old people still respect the word “compassion”, that is, to use the heart of good deeds, sincerely to deal with people, care about the people around. But sometimes we forget and eventually regret. It is a very deep lesson for everyone. Life can be stumbling, life can be wrong biased but not so that we fall, lose ourselves. Everyone needs to learn from mistakes, learn lessons, and go on with their lives.

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