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Divers let shrimps clean their teeth- the service of the ocean that only few special customers have have a chance to try!
August 07 2018, 10:48 AM
The video shows that shrimps can clean human teeth!

If you have heard a lot about scary sea monsters or hard life in the ocean today, change your mind with the cute story between shrimp and fish.

A study by Duke University Eleanor Caves conducted a survey of the waters of Curacao in Central America, finding 199 exciting encounters between 10 species of fish and a local crustacean – San Pederson (Scientific name: Ancylomenes pedersoni).

The big fishes eat small crustaceans, but they leave Pederson shrimps. The reason is that fishes live in the deep bottom of the parasite, affecting health and longevity. But fortunately there is shrimp Pederson!

Occasionally, the shrimp will stick out of the hiding place, revealing the colorful stripes and beards. These are the signs that Pederson shrimps clean the skin and mouth by eating the parasite.

In return, fish also have to work quickly by darkening the body. If this signal is not received, Pederson shrimp will drown.

If both sides agree to move forward? At that time, the shrimp immediately pick up the parasite for the fish, so that they eat a meal. Last but not least, the most advanced service of Pederson Shrimps is to use the whiskers around the mouth and the fish body, helping to clean the parasite up to 80%.

In another part of the ocean – Australia’s waters and neighboring island of Vanuatu, the symbiotic relationship between shrimp and fish is also being discovered. It is the Pacific Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis).

In general, the presence of shrimp hygiene is significant for fish life.

The scientists hypothesize that if for some reason two species of shrimp disappear, large fish will be forced to migrate to another, and small fish that do not swim away will die away.

You will wonder : Can sanitary shrimp clean teeth for humans?

They can , but do not do that! Prawns have very poor visibility, so when people come close (in the darkest diving costume), the shrimp are happy to clean us.

Benjamin Titus from the Museum of Natural History in New York said, “In fact, many divers have experienced the feeling of shrimp flossing. “It’s very small, so you almost feel very smooth, unless the shrimps poke into their mouths … well,” he said.

In addition, shrimps clean teeth for divers can lead to unpredictable risks. When the crustaceans crawl around the mouth, many will hold their breath for fear or excitement.

But this causes mechanical accidents and gas poisoning, collectively called “hypertension” because the pressure on the body has changed dramatically. Overall extremely dangerous.

So what should we do? Eleanor Caves thinks it’s best to leave the shrimp alone – natural fish are comfortable with each other.

And people are quietly watching from afar. If you approach lightly will be admired this beautiful scene of the ocean

Watching video:

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