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The disgusting moment a woman has a HUGE lump of infected filler squeezed from her forehead
November 02 2018, 9:02 AM
The filler had become infected and could be moved around like playdough in the woman's forehead.

Nong Guang, 41, had the dermal filler injected almost two years ago but it didn’t maintain the firm forehead she had hoped for.

The infected filler had left Nong’s forehead misshapen and painful

The filler had become so soft it could be moulded like playdough

Instead the filler became so soft she could move it around like playdough.

She sought the help of a doctor when the filler became painful to touch earlier this month and he told her it was infected and needed to be removed.

The stomach-churning footage taking during the emergency procedure at Teeraporn Clinic in Bangkok shows surgeons slowly squeezing out the yellow goo through a small incision in her skin.

It takes ten minutes for medics to remove all the filler.

The woman’s forehead is then stitched up and antiseptic is applied to the area to prevent infection.

Surgeoon’s made a small incision in her forehead and began squeezing out the infected filler

Nong said: “I had the filler two years ago but then the last three or four days it had started to hurt a lot so I went to see the doctor.

‘’My whole forehead was soft and squidgy when it was touched.

“It hurt a lot and I could move it around under my skin. It left a hole when it was touched.

“But I’m happy it has been fixed now.”

A spokesman for the clinic, who stressed the original procedure was not performed by their staff, said: “The patient came to us after having the filler injection surgery in her forehead.

“This had become infected and her forehead was very soft and left marks when it was touched.

“We removed it and made her forehead look beautiful again.”

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Source video: Viral Press

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