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Most disgusting card game punishment: Licking your friend’s armpit if you lose
September 14 2018, 3:45 PM
But...what if his armpits are stinky?

Friends punishments when playing games are the worst of worst. Making the loser do push-ups/sit-ups, or drink lots of WATER (then having to use the restroom 932478329 times), frog jumps, grapevines, you name it. You think stuff like suck a lemon, or even draw a line on the losers’ faces or arms with lipstick is creative? Think again!

So, have you ever heard of armpit licking?

Yes, it’s disgusting, but it’s true. This video is a proof.

Simple and disgusting is all to talk about this video

Thee two men are playing a game call Three Cards. Each one will have three cards, they then will sum up the whole point of these three cards. Whoever have a higher score are the winner.

It’s simple and quick, that’s why we have this kind of awkward, disgusting video.

Just look at this make me shudder.

And they seemed to enjoy this a lot!

Will you agree to play this kind of game’s punishment?

Some shared their memory of horrible punishments in the comment section, not just for losing a card games, but for as many wrongdoing you can think of.

“I think I was 15 (definitely in high school) and got caught cutting classes. For the next week, my dad (who was older and had retired the year before when he was 59) went to school with me. He drove me to school and then attended every class with me. He also ate lunch with me and my friends. Oh, did I mention that he wore his pajamas? He did. He didn’t shave all week, either. By the time Friday rolled around, he looked like a crazy ass, homeless person. I never cut class again. I sure do miss him”.

Or “When I was a kid my sister got detention for shooting rubber bands at kids in the lunch room. When the Principal called my mom she instinctively asked “Well did she hit anybody?”, to which the principal quickly replied that it was not relevant. Later on that night, however, my dad set up a target in the kitchen, on the fridge, and my sister’s punishment was that she had to spend an hour a night shooting rubber bands at that target. He explained to her that if she was going to get in trouble for something, she better at least be good at it.”

Watch here:


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