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Disease orginated from food: If you eat these parts of the fish, you can lose your life
January 30 2019, 4:24 PM
Eating fish also needs to be in principle, not all parts of fish are eatable and safe to your body.

Head and eyes

According to the folk concept of eating fish brain and fish eyes will make children smart. However, with the fish raised in the contaminated environment, there is a great deal of potential for mercury poisoning. The longer the fish live, the higher the concentration of heavy metals in the brain and the eyes is.

Eating fish such as swordfish, tuna, seabass infected metal or mercury that will build up toxins in your body and affect your health, especially the liver.


Oriental medicine often said fish gall has benefits of heat-relieving, detoxification, brightening eyes and decreasing cough. Even if the taste is bitter, there are still many people who like to eat fish gall. In fact, what people may not know is that the fish gall is extremely dangerous.

Because the bile of fish contains highly toxic toxins such as Sodium 2-ethylhexyl sulfate … These toxins are heat resistant and not destroyed by alcohol, so whether the fish is cooked or swallowed alive, or eaten while drinking alcohol is likely to cause poisoning.


Fish gut is one of the favorite foods of many people. However, the gut is also a part of many toxins, infected with aquatic micro-organisms (taenia eggs, worm eggs and helminths). Before cooking, you shoul wash gut thoroughly with salt and especially cooked through to avoid the risk of parasitic diseases.


Most of us usually remove the fish gills when cooking. However, there are people who like to eat them, especially with steamed fish. However, this habit is extremely dangerous because the gill is familiar to the gut, is also the heaviest metal-infected part in the body of the fish.

Black membrane in fish belly

This black membrane is found in many fish but most prominent is in the tilapia, the black membrane attached to the abdomen.

This is the sickliest part in the fish. Therefore, if you still do not remove it from the fish belly, then the fishy smell will emerge even if cooked.

According to experts, this black film is also home to large amounts of fat, lysozyme and other harmful bacteria.

Kim Ngan Do

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