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Discovering customers use ‘magic’ trick to change the money, female cashier stare knife to teaches customers a lesson
July 27 2018, 3:55 PM
Cleverly discovered the trick of a customer, the "toughest" cashier did not hesitate to hold a knife to teach two cheated young people a lesson to remember all their life.

The clip was extracted from the surveillance camera, recording the scene of two male guests shopping at a shop. After charging and paying for the two guests, the cashier carefully checked again, found missing money. Almost immediately, the girl realized the fraudulent behavior, swapping money of two guests. Not only did she get back the money she owed, she also did not hesitate to hit the scammer a slap, and held the knife available on the counter scare the two young people to cheat a lesson to remember.

Checking the amount of money collected by the customer, the cashier unexpectedly discovered the fraudulent fraud of the two guests.

Immediately, the girl reclaimed the money.

And give the scammer a slap.

The girl even took the knife on the counter and chased away two scammers.

Watch video:

Dieu Linh

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