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Discover the marvelous paradises at the bottom of the sea
July 22 2018, 10:49 AM
The overwhelming scenes of pure water and colorful marine system certainly will bring to you unforgettable experiences.

Komodo national park, Indonesia

If this is the first time you’ve planned for your scuba diving vacation, you should not skip the country of thousands of islands, Indonesia. With more than 13 000 islands located in the triangle of coral reefs, Indonesia has a lot of famous scuba diving destination such as Raja Ampat, Alor Island, and especially Komodo national park. Having been a world heritage for more than 30 years, islands and coral reefs in Komodo are well protected by diverse marine systems like turtles, dolphins, thousands of other colorful fishes. In addition to an impressive diving destination, Indonesia is also a country where you can watch Komodo Dragon, walk on the coast of famous pink beach and enjoy the natural beauty as well as dark blue water.


Riviera Maya, Mexico

Located in the semi-island Yucatan, Mexico, Riviera Maya is a preferable destination for scuba divers. Natural ditches called Cenote and giant cave systems help to bring interest in scuba diving activities. Of all islands in Riviera Maya, Cozumel is the most well-known diving destination with more than 100 diving suppliers on the island, ranging from deep scuba diving, ship wreck diving, night diving to diving and taking pictures. You can visit the coral reef Riviera Maya or underwater museum including more than 400 underwater statues designed by artist Jason de Caires Taylor.

Archipelago Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

The Archipelago Turks and Caicos is located in Caribbean belonging to British and Northern Ireland. This has been a well-known diving destination since 1970 because of the still water and colorful marine creatures. A lot of islands in the archipelago is uninhabited, are ideal places to escape from hustle and bustle life. Lied in the third world largest coral reefs in the world, you will definitely see fascinating scenes when diving here. There are a lot of coral reefs which are near the coast for those who prefer scuba diving and you can easily approach to colorful marine life. Water in this area is warm all year round hence you can dive at any time you want. But if you want to see humpback whale, you should come here from December to March.

Great Barrier, Australia

It is the biggest coral reefs in the world with its length of about 2 600 km. It is so huge that it can be observe form outer space. Scientist believed that it is the world biggest real living creature. Great Barrier Reef was recognized as World Natural Heritage in 1981. This is a home of more than 200 kinds of birds, 30 types of dolphins, 500 kinds of seaweeds. Thanks to diverse marine species, warm water, easy approach, Great Barrier Reef has become a perfect destination for diving lovers.

Island country Palau

Palau is Pacific-based island country, 800 km western far from Philippines. The stunning island country is considered as the destiny for those whose have itchy feet, especially diving lovers. The most famous thing is Rock Island with more than 300 mushroom-shaped islands with coral reefs which emerge in the blue water surface. The most ideal diving points at Palau are Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel, New Drop Off and countless diving points for you to enjoy wonderful coral reefs like swimming with sharks and thornbacks, watching mysterious ship wrecks under the sea. Besides, you have to visit jellyfish lake located in Eil Malk Island because you will have chance of swimming with countless flock of yellow jellyfishes. Of course, they are non-poisonous.

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