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The disabled couple disregarded the doctor’s words to give birth, when the baby was just born, they hugged each other and cried
February 11 2019, 9:19 AM
Due to the longing to have a child, the disabled couple decided to give birth to the child, despite the fact that the malformation was detected when going on an ultrasound.

Currently, there are many types of diseases that are inherited from parents to the next generation. In particular, if both parents have the disease, the probability of the child being born with deformities from parents is very high. However, for many couples difficult to give birth, having a child even if not healthy is a dream. In the following case, the couple has had congenital defects but still insisted on giving birth. In the end, the tragedy happened.

Regardless of whether the son born was almost likely to be malformed, the couple with congenital defects still decided to give birth

Accordingly, the father has a disability in the palate and cleft lip. He underwent a lip repair surgery when he was a child. Later, the man married a girl in the next village Xiaoyu. Regrettably, the girl also has defects in her eyes as well as her palate. After getting married, Xiaoyu was immediately pregnant. All were worried about the future of the child. So they went to the hospital to check. The results showed that the fetus also suffered from cleft clip and deformities in the palate. However, the couple still insisted on giving birth to their son despite the objections of the doctors and many people around.

Both spouses have disabilities in their lips, palate and eyes

The child was born with cleft clip, palate deformities, protruding eyes and the most dangerous is narrow-minded skull

The toes are attached to each other

By the time the child was born, the couple really regretted their decision. The son inherited all the deformities: cleft clip, palate malformations, protruding eyes, toes stuck together and even the narrow skull disease of his grandmother … Narrow skull is an extremely serious symptom. If the surgery is not timely, the child may be blind. However, the cost of the surgery is too high and the couple is unable to pay. They deeply regretted the original decision.

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