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Dip into the carbonated mineral water for 10 seconds, the girl startled because of unexpected results on her skin
October 09 2018, 9:45 AM
Only thanks to carbonated water, the girls can revitalize the skin spectacularly, extremely smooth skin.

Few people know that mineral water with gas or so-called soda is very pure and rich in minerals, so the amount of sugar and calories in the city is almost zero can bring many health benefits.

In addition, carbonated water is also preferred by the girls thanks to the ability to detox the skin, cleanse the skin and make the smooth face to remove very deep burns. This is also the “preserve” of the girls from Korea and Chinese because just soaking face into the carbonated water will be beautiful in a “miracle” way.

If you want to have smooth skin and clear of acne, you should buy immediately mineral water to follow the instructions below. Only a few days later, you will see a noticeable change in your face. Mineral water helps to purify the skin, acne cleanse and tighten pores effectively.

Materials to be prepared:

– 1 can or 1 bottle of carbonated water (choose white soda water).

– 1 liter of filtered water.

– Large bowl or stainless steel pot.

– Clean towels.


Step 1: Use a cup or glass of mineral water to pour out a bowl, pot or clean pot. For a cup of mineral water, add a cup of water or just measure the ratio of 1: 1 is okay. Pour the mixture, stirring with a spoon to dissolve the mixture.

Step 2: Before you soak your face, you need to remove the skin with clean coconut oil or specialized cleansing oil and wash your hands. Finish, you face to the pot of water mixed, soak for 10 seconds and lift up to breathe. Each time you soak, you try to hold your breath as long as possible so that water bubbles come into contact with the skin, lateral osmosis and effective effect.

Step 3: At least 10 seconds, lift your head, then take a breath and continue to soak, repeat for 3 minutes and rest for 2 minutes. Then do another 2 minutes. At first, carbonated water can make the surface slightly irritated. As you get used to it, you will notice the water bubbles that come in contact with the skin to make you feel very comfortable and refreshed.

Step 4: After soaking, apply a soft cotton towel and clean slightly. Do not scrub the surface thoroughly to dry, but softly, gently. When your skin is dry, you can touch the surface to experience significant changes. After the surface is dry for about 2 minutes, apply a layer of moisturizer that will help smooth and white skin faster. In the evening before going to bed, apply this once to achieve the desired effect in a short time. When the skin is smooth, apply only 2-3 times a week and use the day.


From the first time you soak your face with carbonated water, the girls will notice that the skin is firmer and tighter. Not only that, after the first week, the pores will close and reduce blackheads, skin clean and clear, smooth smooth. Mineral water with facial cleanser also exfoliation, skin less secret, more airy.

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