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Digging to find lotus rhizome, the man unexpectedly pulled up the black stuff, but thousands of gold could not buy it
February 13 2019, 2:18 PM
The story of workers who inadvertently get valuable treasures helps them change their lives is not a strange thing. But recently the story of harvesting lotus roots picked up "treasures" that made everyone curious, what is worth it in the mud?

Lotus is a species that lives under the swamp, all parts of it can be used very useful. Lotus for decoration, lotus leaves to wrap cereal, lotus root can make nutritious food, lotus seeds are also extremely nutritious. The parts of lotus are used as Oriental medicine.

In some rural areas, lotus has become an economic tree to feed families. The same with the lucky farmer’s family, lotus is the “earning money source”.

Catching “black gold”

While harvesting his family’s lotus, this man had found a strange thick black thing. He was very surprised, thinking that it was a big lotus root, very happy in his heart because he thought that the big lotus root like this would definitely earn an extra amount of money. The man was very happy to leave but he did not know that his luck was much greater than that.

Back home, when washing the lotus root, he took out the lotus root to wash it first. But strangely, no matter how hard it tries to wash and rub, it keeps the same shape. Looking closely he discovered it was like a log, a strange pattern. He immediately called everyone to see what was so smooth and strange.

Finally, a knowledgeable person in the village said that this is not a lotus root but a very valuable wood. Experts have come to confirm that this is really an invaluable “treasure”. This is exactly ebony, it is a perfect combination of stone and wood.

This strange object also has another name, Oriental Shenmu. This wood body is buried in a low-lying area with mud. Under the action of bacteria and other microorganisms it must suffer from oxygen deficiency and high pressure. After being buried like that after a long time it became carbonized wood.


All dynasties use this Ebony wood as a rare material. Therefore, it is used as a craft, Buddha statue or amulet. The old people have the saying: “There is a half of ebony in the house that is more valuable than a treasure.” The kind of ebony that this man dug was a top ebony wood, he had a chance to change his life.

Lotus trees are not only beautiful in shape but also have a very special meaning, lotus symbolizes pure, trees are often grown as exterior plants, decorative plants in the lake are very beautiful. Just like the old man has the sentence: No one is rich forever, no one is poor either.

Photo: Ezvivi

Dieu Linh

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