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The difficult situation of the disabled girl being violated to the point of being pregnant
December 14 2018, 11:54 AM
Nearly one year after the case occurred, the disabled girl gave birth to the child of the man raping her, but the police have not found the culprit. She is living in a very difficult situation.

A disabled girl in Thailand recently had to give birth to a child in a reluctant situation, when she got raped by a strange man who fled until now. It is known that this girl lives with a sibling, the situation of two sisters is very difficult, parents died, now the disabled sister who got raped to the point of having to give birth causes the sisters to fall into misery.

The sister of this girl repeatedly has asked the police to speed up the investigation to find the culprit soon, but to the present time nearly a year, the disabled girl gave birth but who the culprit is, no one knows.

The incident was widely shared on social networking sites of this country and has quickly attracted a lot of comments and sharing from the netizens. Many people were extremely annoyed at this depraved action of the culprit, “Why could a normal guy rape a disabled girl without resistance?”, a social networking user commented.

When the difficult situation of the disabled girl and her sister is shared on social networking sites, it is fortunate that some kind people offer the support for 2 sisters so that they can overcome difficulties, the local authorities also declare that they will care for this case.

Hopefully, the disabled mother and her daughter will have a more stable life under the care of the community as well as the local government and the culprit will soon be punished by the law.

Minh Chi

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