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It is difficult to believe that these WEIRD dishes are eaten around the world
December 29 2018, 11:12 AM
There be enough brave people to enjoy this horrible food?

Kiviak (Greenland)

Auks is a unique bird native to Greenland. In order to create Kiviak, 500 Auks were inserted into the abdomen of the seals, then sealed with seals fat and finally buried for seven months. After being fermented and it has a characteristic odor and is usually eaten in winter, especially at Christmas.

Lampreia de Ovos (Portugal)

The Portuguese wished to eat more sweets during Christmas. This cake is typical of something beyond the creativity of the chef. A cake is formed into a fish looks very horrible. Many people have tried to find the reason why this cake is so eccentric, but it still seems to be a mystery.

Vitel Toné (Argentina)

Argentines eat mashed potatoes at Christmas. What exactly is this dish? Look at it like a pile of dough on the bottom of the veal, accompanied by a tuna ice cream. People will put it in the refrigerator five days before it gets better.

Zakuski (Russia)

Raw fish are cut with salt and vegetables, tart and salty alternating. This dish was only served by a few Russians during the Christmas Eve, which was often served as a drink with vodka.

Janssons Frestelse (Sweden)

The choice of casseroles during their traditional Christmas, all ingredients are nothing special until they are added to the anchovy, making the casserole a very unpleasant odor.

Muktuk (Greenland)

In Greenland, there are a lot of horrible dishes and Muktuk is one of those dishes that everyone is scared to mention. This is a frozen whale meat, a must have in the Christmas party of each family.

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