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Different things between the “Good” and the “Bad”, what types of people you belong to?
January 02 2019, 11:09 AM
In a humorous way, a famous person has made the distinction to distinguish between the good and the bad; moreover, it means people are not only incompetent but also mean.

Congratulations if you fully meet the characteristics of a leader. In the opposite case, you may have a long way to go.

1. The good loves life while the bad is only confused and just trying to take over the lives of others.

2. The good knows how to speak their ideas. The bad speaks the mind of the leader.

3. The good people know to manage their problem while the bad only waits other people to solve the problem.

4. Good people turn boring jobs into interesting works.

5. A good person are believed in and given in to the job, the fool knows only snooty and does not have any initiative.

6. A good person may work late, but they always finish work in time. The bad guy is very punctual, but they don’t succeed in doing anything.

7. The good is honest. The bad guy is lickspittle.

8. Good people inspire. The bad guy find mistakes of their partner.

9. The good looks at the results and ignore the mistakes of others. The bad only worry about finding fault and rob.

10. The good is silent while the bad is cursed

11. The good can forget mistakes of other people, the bad guy is heartless in all relationships.

12. A good man is calm and quiet. The bad can’t control their emotion.

13. The good may be sad when a leader leaves. The bad guy likes to gossip his life.

14. The good doesn’t show off , but his knowledge is always good. The bad always shows off.

15. Good people face difficulties and try to overcome it. The bad guy constantly chewing success in the past.

16. A good person turns big things into small things. The bad guy likes to exaggerate “ant” into “elephant”.


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