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Despite witnessing husband insulting father, throwing money on his face and chasing him away from house, this woman can not do anything
November 25 2018, 8:01 AM
This young woman's father swears that despite being in the prison, it is reluctant. However, his husband does not accept this.

Whoever laughed, whoever blamed her for having a father in prison, she could put up with all. Although her father had done wrong, even though he was not perfect, even the bad guy in the eyes of others. But to her, father is person who suffered from so much difficulties to raise her until now.

When she was born, she had lost her mother. Because of the birth difficulty, her mother passed away. Her dad still decides to live alonw without remarrying other woman and raise her up for toughing long time. The men who do not have wife anymore will get married with another woman after a few years. However, only her father is determined not to live alone and with all ways he grew her up.

Both of them have never done anything wrong. Until she was in grade 12, she was diagnosed with a tumor. Although it is a benign tumor but the cost of removal is quite high.

Neighbors dared not let my father borrow for fear that he could not pay. His brothers and sisters are also poor so they can not help them. Being extremely distraught, because of wanting to earning for her surgery, he has stolen money from people. At the time being discovered, her father had beaten owner because of chaotic mind.

Finally, her father was sentenced to two years in prison. After his discharge, her father returned but he was alienated. She told myself, if she got married, she would have to take her father with her to make up for what he had to sacrifice.

Of course, she does not hide her husband’s past. On the other hand, her husband expressed his sympathy. Unexpectedly, he still has an aversion to her father. She picked up her father for a few days but her husband had a heavy face. Today, he went home and made a fuss.

Her husband is an accountant and he is responsible for paying teachers for the school. Today he told not to find the money and he thinks that my father stole his money. Her father swore that he did do that. However, her husband can not believe because he thinks that her father wass in prison. There was one times, there would be second times. Human nature can not be easily changed.

That statement was a fatal blow to her father. He wanted to go home and do not need them feel worried about him. Her husband comes into the house and throws a set of money in the ground: “This, is it enough for him to leave?”  Her father bent down and picked up every coin and put it on the table. Then he went to the countryside to catch the car. She ran follow her father, but she was pulled back to her husband.

Until tonight, she saw her husband counting accounting money, she know that he only find a pretext to chase her father away to the country. She argued with her husband and forced him to pick up her father. Then he told her not to let our children live with a prisoner and then infected his stealing. She was heartbroken and thought of her father, hence, she could not sleep. What should she do to be good for her father?


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