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Despite having been very beautiful since she was, this girl still has cosmetic surgery 30 times just to satisfy her boyfriend’s eyes; after all, she deeply regrets for her decision
February 13 2019, 9:43 AM
Because of wanting to satisfy the boyfriend, young girl accepted to suffer from physical pain for cosmetic surgery.

Berry Ng, 24, from Hong Kong has become a victim of addiction  of cosmetic surgery to find perfect beauty. Undergoing over 30 times of the cosmetic surgery, Berry has her face that has completely changed but now she regretted deciding to do that.

7 years ago, Berry was an extremely beautiful girl with a sweet smile, big eyes. Many people were jealous of that natural beauty but Berry did not. She wanted to have the face as famous actress or models like Janice Man or Angelababy.

With that desire, Berry performed the first plastic surgery in her life with a 3-injection promotional program for students. At first she was only planning to spend 800 dollars Hong Kong but after talking to the doctor for 3 hours, Berry was persuaded to register a higher one of 17 thousand Hong Kong dollars.

After finishing, the new face made Berry feel so excited that then she could not stop. Berry wanted to be even more beautiful and didn’t know when she fell into a plastic surgery addiction.

Things got worse when Berry began to fall in love at the age of 20. Her boyfriend was 9 years older than her. This man always made Berry feel inferior by comparing her with other girls. He thought Berry’s appearance wasn’t equal to those.

Berry admitted that most of the operations were done during her acquaintance with this man. In order to regain her confidence, Berry rushed to beauty spa to help herself look better  than her boyfriend’s standards.

Berry realized that her forehead was too flat, so he had a forehead lift surgery to look better. She also found her eyelids unclear, so she had a eyelid shape. Berry’s nose was a bit too big, so she pulled out her nose bones and injected fillers to make her nose look better. In addition, Berry also injected cheeks, lips and chin to look the most elegant. There were many other operations, but in just 6 short months, Berry performed nearly 30 surgeries.

If her boyfriend had a compliment that “you are very beautiful” or something like that, Berry might stop the surgery immediately. However, the lover still criticized Berry. When he couldn’t find anything to complain about, he turned to say that her breasts were too small.

Continuing to feel angry  by her boyfriend’s complaints, Berry rushed to have breast surgery, but then he told her that he didn’t tell her to do that. Everything was like a vortex for Berry.

Berry’s obsession in pursuing perfect beauty by cosmetic surgery ended when she saw her mother crying while waiting for her to recover from surgery. Mother said Berry before surgery was a pretty girl, and now she was horrible to look at Berry. Berry really regretted for her decision to have plastic surgery during the past time and officially broke up with her boyfriend.

Berry shared her story on the social networks: “In fact, boyfriends have a great influence on their girlfriends. A lot of girls says things my boyfriend said such as my nose is not high or my face is too big will make them silently go for surgery to satisfy their eyes. ”

Fortunately, Berry did not become a disaster of cosmetic surgery. She succeeded in escaping aesthetic addiction and then guided a course to share the disadvantages of this beauty method. She thinks cosmetic surgery is not bad but you shouldn’t let yourself be absorbed in the spiral of continuous surgery because then you will lose yourself and your health too.

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