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You desire to have a sexy breast, don’t hesitate to do this massage. After 15 days, your breast size will increase so suddenly that you can not believe
July 14 2018, 9:25 AM
Many women can not be self-confident because of the small breast. These following tips will help you solve the problem. Let's try it now!

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Actually, Gym exercising can not bring you the big breast as you desire, but massage can. You should do this daily with combining some essential oil, such as oconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil, because they will be a conductor, which makes the skin firm and the breast size wider. You also use vaseline to replace these oil.

– First you rub the chest from the inside out for 30 seconds.

– Next, you swipe from bottom to over 30 seconds, between the movements, you often rub the palms together to create heat, to promote nutrients as well as accelerate efficiency.

– Then you turn into a circular motion massage clockwise.

– Use your fingertips to puff on the chest to help relax the skin, increase elasticity, stimulate blood circulation. Limit use of strong force to avoid sagging.

– You hold hands, continue to rub round 1 in 30 seconds. Apply before or after showering, depending on your needs and convenience.

2. Breast Masks:

Like the face skin, the skin of breast also needs to provide nutrients to be more beautiful and lighter, maximize the development of breast muscle. In addition to the oils mentioned above, take the time to do this mixture.


– 1 chicken egg

– 1 box of yogurt without sugar

How to do:

Beat the eggs in the bowl, mix well with enough yogurt to make a paste. Then, you apply to the chest, lightly moisturize the nutrients, leave until they are dry, then wash with water. Do 2-3 times a week. This mixture is rich in vitamins A and E, contributing to stimulate round 1 development of round stretch, anti-aging, sagging very well.

3. Dishes increase the breast size:

– Eggs steamed with honey: You mix these two things together, should use chicken eggs, how much honey depends on your taste. Bring steamed every morning, can be used at noon but limited to dinner because it can easily weight gain and keeps fat accumulation.

– Green papaya is good for your breast size and can be processed into a variety of dishes, depending on the preference you cook, steamed, stewed, dumped or blended for the day. You should cut them too thick, it will lose the plastic resin which increases the size.

– Moreover, you should drink a glass of fresh milk or soy milk everyday.

Doing this constantly, you will find the unexpected changes. Hope you will success and have a sexy breast.

Hoang Yen

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