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The desert lake suddenly turns into rainbow color after rare flood
July 24 2018, 3:24 PM
Average every after half century, there is a new flood. Thanks to the rarely rain that fill the lake in desert, turn this place into paradise when change in rainbow color, attracting a number of birds to dwell

Recently, after a rare flood, Eyre Lake in Australia suddenly filled with full of water, bring the lively to this desert area. Looking from above, the lake water turns into brilliant kaleidoscope with many bright colors interwoven with each other. The rare sight that make visitors gather here to watching.

It is a desert lake and also is the lowest point of the Australia mainland, even lower than the sea level 15 meters. Eyre Lake always known as in dry condition.

According to estimates from scientists, every 50 years, Lake Eyre receives new floods. Thus, Eyre is also known as a hidden lake when the water is full or dry. Therefore the acreage water surface in lake is not stable, depending on the rain fall. When the lake is dry, the bottom of the lake shows a quite thick layer of salt.

Thanks to the rare flood 2 months ago, the water in Eyre Lake turns into rainbow color. According to the experts, the reason why the water in lake has vibrant color is the amount of salt in lake with diluted rain water, creating conditions for algae to grow.

At present, Eyre like a haven looks from above, attracting a number of bird species including swans, pelicans, or fish species settle. Travelers also see the life is the flowers wild bloom on the lake.

No one knows how long this rare phenomenon will last, but only know the line of tourists and photographers come here more and more crowded. They enjoy the rare opportunity to watch the vegetation flora around the lake.

Mr. Trevor Wright, the owner of hiding aircraft service, said the water change color was bring the benefits for environment also develop tourism in area.

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