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Deputy saves unresponsive baby by performing CPR in Oregon mall
October 12 2018, 4:06 PM
The video shows deputy performing CPR unresponsive baby.

Doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a very important skill. You should equip this skill as it will help you save the lives of those around you at any time! The story below is an example!

What started as a trip to the mall, turned into a devastating day for a young couple as they took their week-old baby to a J.C. Penney portrait studio for her first photos. This family tradition suddenly got scary when little Audrey stopped breathing. Surveillance video shows her dad trying infant CPR. Bystanders came to their aid. Oregon sheriff’s deputies rushed through the store to take over the rescue effort. Distraught parents, Kaylob and Jessie, can be seen embracing, praying for a miracle.

The couple were on the mall

They suddenly got scary when little Audrey stopped breathing

The dad was trying infant CPR

Bystanders came to their aid

Oregon sheriff’s deputies rushed through the store to take over the rescue effort.

The video got attention of netizens. Here are some comments of them:


“What I want to know is what caused her to stop breathing? Possibly allergic reactions? Lung disease of some kind? What could it be?”

“Thank God.. God bless everyone who helped. This happened to me when I was 4 years old and a woman did the same at a supermarket.. I survived.. God bless her!”

“We all know god was by her side and he never let go we know that god knew that if this baby was to go the parents would be empty inside this is why she is alive today because god stuck by her side and never let her go!”

“Amen for the Sheriff’s and paramedics!!! Next,.. You don’t take a week old infant out in public let alone out to get her photos taken!!!! You keep her within the walls of your house at least the 1st month…”

Watch video:

Source: Inside Edition

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