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After the Dele Challenge, a new ‘brain hack’ trend arises and attracts netizens’ attention
September 12 2018, 5:32 PM
It seems to be not too complicated but Fingers Thingy Challenge is still ranked into the list of 'brain hack' challenges.

After the Dele Challenge, netizens are intereted in a new trend which their fingers dance. That is Finger Thingy Challenge (Finger Dance Challenge) which now becomes popular on social networks like Tik Tok and Musical.ly.

What the player needs is to control their hands flexibly with the music. The challenge also requires netizens a little patience if they have to record the clip many times when the movement does not match the music.

Not so ‘brain hacking’ as Dele Challenge, Finger Thingy is still classified as a difficult trend when the movement is constantly changing and somewhat confusing.

There are two popular music background corresponding to two different ‘finger dance’. Players are given the choice of music and can join alone, in pairs or in groups.

‘Dancing finger’ requires players to ‘know by heart’ movements and background music to match when performing.

Finger Thingy is popular because its eye-catchy and professional products. If you do not know by heart this dance, you can follow the detailed tutorial clips on the network.

Netizens also spend many compliments for this trend.

‘It seems a bit complicated but it’s okay, I will try to learn to perform with my girlfriend. She really loves this movement.’

‘It is so cute and worth trying.’

‘Very interesting, I will try to learn how to dance.’

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