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Defrost food in wrong way can cause cancers, 90% of housewives are making mistakes
July 01 2018, 10:44 AM
Today, put food in the refrigerator freezer and then used which becomes the habit of many housewives.

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Today, put food in the refrigerator freezer and then used which becomes the habit of many housewives. However, the health of your family will be greatly affected if you do not know how to preserve and defrost. Mostly, many people are defrosting meat and vegetables the wrong way . Foods can be degraded or produce toxins that harmful for health because of some mistakes.

Defrost at room temperature

Freezing food is easily rancid causing bacteria to bear alots when exposed to normal temperature. Food will cause diarrhea or poison if not properly cooked afterwards.

Defrost fish too soft

Defrosting fish too soft before cooking will taste better is the misconception of the housewife. In fact, the fish will not taste as good as before if you leave it for a long time, even completely lost the taste of fish

Defrost from the oven

This is also one of the wrong thoughts of many people. They think that the food in the oven will defrost more quickly. This will make the food soft on the surface but still not completely defrosted inside. But you have to process immediately after defrost so this is extremely difficult.

Put food in hot oil to defrost

The method that put freezing food from the fridge to oil for defrosting is extremely dangerous. Because it creates a dangerous reaction when cold water meets cooking oil and can even cause a fire.

Defrost vegetables

The vegetables will be crushed, softened and depleted when you defrost so defrosting vegetables is not necessary. You just take the vegetables from the refrigerator, rinse and then put into the pot as usual.

Defrost fruit

For fruits you do not need to defrost because they can be depleted, soft and lose their taste. You can put them down the fridge cooler to defrost slowly.

Freezing agian

Freezing again is extremely dangerous because every time a food is frozen, it can cause the bacteria to grow more than 4000 times. Users will be atin risk of extreme illnesses, particularly, if they are not properly cooked to kill off the bacteria.

Safe way to defrost meat and fish

For meat, you only need to mix cold water and hot water with the rate 5: 1 then mix about 2 tablespoons of sugar. Then, put frozen meat in this mixture, only 7 minutes later the frozen meat has already softened.

As for fish, you also prepare the mixture of hot and cold water as above. However, instead of sugar, use salt for this mixture. Fish will defrost quickly and safely after only 7 minutes.


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