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What is the definition of a perfect husband?
November 29 2018, 9:53 AM
Many men think becoming a perfect husband is really hard for them, but it's easy to do with simple action in the daily life.

The husband is head of the house, and the final decision on matters affecting the welfare and economy of the family were left to him. He is responsible for the spiritual and physical needs of the family. A Man that has the ability to cook and clean if necessary. He loves his wife as he does his own body and limits his sexual relations to his wife only. This man is not perfect; however, when the mistake he has made has been brought to his attention or he realizes it, he apologizes. Living in this day and age…while still being the family head, he recognized that the wife can make more money than he does. He doesn’t take this offensively yet he still makes decisions and love and supports his wife. Sports and recreation all have their place. He never neglects his wife. He is respectful, loving, kind, long suffering, mild, and patient.

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