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Deathly kisses infect children with HP virus complication to stomach cancer
November 14 2018, 3:22 PM
Many cases of children infected with the HP virus are at risk of developing cancer, even death from getting adult's kisses.

Everyone thinks that hugging and kissing the child everytime, everywhere are expessions of love, but actually they bring children to meet the ‘Death God’ quicklier.

There is always a virus called HP that has the potential to cause illness for children mainly through mouth-to-mouth.

According to Dr Dao Van Long, former head of the gastroenterology department at Bach Mai Hospital, 70% of Vietnam’s population is infected with HPV, in which children under 10 are most susceptible to infection.

In particular, the number of children infected with the virus is increasing, although both parents tested negative.

So, many studies conclude that kissing is the primary culprit, the way that HP easily penetrates the child’s body.

And for a child who has no sense of self-protection, it is not possible to control the person who kisses them, contracts some infectious disease or not, and if so, the weak resistance of the child can not fight back.

As a result, children infected with the HP virus cannot but blame the neglecting and easiness of parents with the matter that everyone can touch, hug their children.

HP virus – the culprit causing stomach cancer 

This is a virus that lives in the tunica mucosa ventriculi causing the stomach to produce more acid, weakening the protective mucus and producing some toxins that damage the cells.

From there, the mucosa is easily eroded, causing ulcers or few cases can develop into dangerous stomach cancer.

According to Dr. Hoang Le Phuc, Head of Digestive Diseases at Children ‘s Hospital No. 1, most children infected with HP often live peacefully with this bacterium without any symptoms and few children with HP symptoms.

And only when people with HP symptoms need treatment, such as: abdominal pain, flatulence, indigestion, nausea … or are diagnosed at risk of gastric cancer.

In the cases without above symptoms, the doctor advised patients should eat foods that are high in vitamin C include orange, tangerine, cherry, blueberries, raspberries …. to reduce the activity of this virus. .

Dr. Phuc also emphasized that the most urgent need for a child with HP to be monitored, not to exclude the possibility of children with stomach ulcers silently. If the child is not detected and timely treated, he/she will be at risk with large blood vessels, of course, this child’s life will also be threatened.

Therefore, the best way for children not to face the virus is the parents should keep children away from pathogenic factors such as: feeding children from mouth, letting no one embrace and kiss them, so you can limit ability to be infected for your children.

Kim Ngan Do

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