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Dating for 9 years, atthe wedding night, the bride must take off wedding dress to wear funeral for unexpected reason
January 28 2019, 3:27 PM
At the wedding night she took off her wedding dress to wear funeral clothes, crying her husband's name makes everyone sad.

After 9 years of dating, newly married couple, Khue wants to have baby with her husband!

Anyway, on the wedding night she took off her wedding dress to wear funeral clothes, crying her husband’s name makes everyone sad. Mention a love lasted for nine years, surely people would admire, but also some people disagree.

Khue or hear others say, love each other for 9 years without marriage should be broken up early. She loved Hung for nine years, her youth completely devoted to him. During the 9 years that the parents of Daughters for fear of love as incomplete, the suffering will be Khue. How many good men want to love her, but Khue is still loyal to Hung.

Hung and Khue hve the same age, she waited for college graduation and then career has also took several years. Khue also hugged his boyfriend and rabbit card: They said the man should cherish his girlfriend when he has nothing in his hand. Since he does not have anything, she has everything: youth, beauty … but she still accepts with him. Hung hugged Lan firmly and put kiss on her lips:

All this life … I will never make you sad. When Hung’s job was stable, Hung and Khue went to marriage. After 9 years waiting for her boyfriend, now Khue extremely happy. Outside, they believe that eternal love is real. How long you love each other just two people always because of each other will never leave each other. On the wedding night, instead of romance, the screams of Khuyen in the night made the whole family startled. – parents! Hung fainted.

After that Hung was rushed to the emergency room, Khue’s parents were dumbfounded when the doctor announced that Hung was in danger. – Why is this? I just got married … how was Hung? My husband … he has terminal stomach cancer … – Cancer? She hid her children to get married? – I know from the beginning, mother. I know he does not have much time, but I want to be with him. For 9 years I love him … I want to have a wedding. – But today is my wedding day …. my dear … my baby, his wedding day is wearing a wedding dress, but have to wear a mourning shirt? Oh, why are you so foolish? Mother Khe hug she sobbed, when Khue was to meet Hung last … he whispered wife: – Khe … I beg your pardon. Let me wait 9 years … now leave me alone in this life. I can only give you a wedding … you forget me and walk away again. I love you … I’m sorry I’m sorry … I


Hung did not finish the sentence, the heart line straight, Khue embraces her husband and cried like crazy: – Brother … do not leave me. I know how to live here … 9 years love couples do not have a husband that day. No one was suppressed tears, right that night Khue strip off wedding dress that a few hours away she is still happy with her husband. Unfortunately, 9 years wait here is not what Khue want. Dreaming about the house with baby laughter, she and her husband raised children are not anymore.


Now Khue wears a mourning shirt to send her husband off to the afterlife. At this time people are pity understanding why Khue’s wedding took place quickly, why the groom is pale … Turns out Khue has all known, she has the right to refuse to marry, have the right to abandon Hung to get other husband. But Khue chose to make his wife even though he was his wife even a day. Big love like 9 years Khue is still waiting Hung. Life is short. Please respect the person you love beside, because you will not know … one day I will lose them do not know where.

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