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Having dated for 3 years, He has never seen her wearing T-shirts until the day of the wedding, the bridegroom ask his mother: Mom, where is my wife?
February 13 2019, 9:13 AM
"The most muscular bride" is the nicknames people give to this girl.

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in every person’s life. The bride always wants to be the most beautiful person on this day. The radiant face walking in the bride wedding dress is the dream of every girl. A slender body will make the bride even more loving.

Instead of slender, slender physique, this bride offers a masculine look “muscular”.

However, there is a Chinese bride who goes against all those “standards”. Instead of appearing with a soft, soft appearance, she chose a strong “muscular” style. Accordingly, about 3 years ago this girl owned a relatively chubby body. Thanks to the training process, she has a much firmer and slimmer body. In particular, her muscles can make any guy admire her.

Three years ago she owned a rather chubby body. However, by practicing sports, the girl’s physique is much slimmer and firmer

These muscles make many guys jealous


The rafting is too simple for this bride

During the wedding ceremony, when wearing a very beautiful white wedding dress, the young bride still does not forget to properly shape the “gym people”. The bouncing arm of the muscles swirled the rafters and kept the people from laughing. She also laughed and admitted that she was “the most fierce bride”.

In order to “celebrate” the process of arduous training, she dedicated her friends and guests to the party in a wedding ceremony.

The bride is very confident with her body


Look from the back of the gym properly


The young bride also said she shared these images with her personal preference to encourage people to practice sports regularly. She used to have a body that is easy to gain weight, but thanks to the training process she can have such a toned body. Her appearance, though strongly masculine but full of confidence, made people extremely excited.

Many people joked that the groom later got angry and had to refrain from this muscular wife

Brides sharing these images are also to encourage people to participate in more sports.

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