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Daredevil scales 77-storey skyscraper in Dubai without any safety gear!
November 13 2018, 3:05 PM
This is the nerve-shredding moment an acrobat scaled a giant skyscraper in Dubai without any safety gear.

Nikita Deft even sidesteps around a woman sunbathing on a narrow edge of the high-rise building during the vertigo-inducing footage.

The 21-year-old daredevil was filmed performing stunts on top of the 77-floor Marina Pinnacle in 112F heat last month.

The professional photographer is from a small town in the north of Russia called Murmansk. In Nikita’s hometown the frost is up to -40 degrees and the winter lasts most months of the year.  Nikita said: ‘I climbed into the skyscraper called Marina Pinnacle, the height is about 280 metres [920ft].

‘The temperature was very high, about 45 degrees – in such weather everything heats up very quickly. My hands sweat and begin to slide – the plates on which I climbed up were very hot, I could not hold on to them for long and had to change quickly when I got up. They were slippery and it was uncomfortable to hold on to them.’

‘There was a huge adrenaline rush, but at the same time I felt serene and calm. After the tricks, I almost cannot stand, I need a rest but it is an incredible feeling and I adore it. I only check the footage the next day – my friend closed her eyes and did not look.

These were really strong experiences. I will continue to do this until I reach my peak. I set myself a goal three years ago to create something new, something incredible and something that you can never buy.’

Nikita said his stunts have elements of parkour, acrobatics and extreme art.

He added: ‘Tricks at the height can be very tiring but there is also a huge release of adrenaline, you can barely stand on your feet. I love to do what for other people is considered impossible. Money cannot buy this kind of feeling.’

‘The way I do it is by relaxing and controlling myself – I also have poor vision and wear contact lenses so that sometimes makes things harder.

‘I spend a lot of time training, almost every day.’

Watch video:

Source video: Daily Mail

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