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Daily shampooing may cause cancer so it’s better to stay a bit unclean
August 07 2018, 4:44 PM
Regular shampooing with non-healthful foaming agents has serious consequences that few women notice.

Shampooing is a simple way to help your body feel relaxed  after a hard day’s work. A clean, fresh hair can keep you confident and seductive. However, overusing it can cause harmful results. How often should the shampoo be appropriate, is daily shampoo good? The answer will make you really surprised!.

Daily shampooing is not really safe like we think.

Our scalp contains a natural oil in the epidermis to protect and enhance the health of the scalp and hair. Daily shampoo accidentally causes the oil to drift off, unable to fully exert all its effects, leaving the scalp vulnerable to dryness and damage. This is easy to see in winter, even peeling and bleeding.

Our scalps can be irritated due to over shampooing

If you use some unsafe, unclean shampoos of unknown origin, ingredients that are not well-proven, and especially fragrant may contain carcinogens. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is used in shampoos because it stimulates the formation of bubbles in the shampoo, but it is easy for the scalp to be irritated.

You should wash your hair 2 -3 times a week

On the other hand, paraben preservatives have been studied and found abundantly in breast cancer tissues. So, learn from now how to check the ingredients before deciding to buy to take care of yourself.

Limit the use of soaps or foam to avoid dryness on your skin

What is the frequency of shampoo? The scientists advise you not to wash your hair often, maximum only wash 2-3 times a week only! Also, here are some good hygiene practices that you should avoid to protect your health when it gets cold:

– Do not bathe too long, especially with hot water to avoid taking away the natural oil on the skin, resulting in itchy skins and rash.

– Limit the use of soaps or foams daily as it can cause dryness and lack of moisture.

– Bath cottons and wet towels are the ideal environment for bacteria and mold growth. Therefore, every time you shower, dry your bath towels and plan to replace them periodically to protect your health.

– The skin is very sensitive, so do not spray directly on the face, it will cause skin irritation, redness.

– Do not bathe after exercising or having a lot of sweat. A sudden temperature change can cause a shock to the body and lead to death.

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