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Daily eating left vegetables stored in the refrigerator, the mother passed away because of cancer
January 23 2019, 10:41 AM
Only by regretting leftovers in the family every day, a Malaysian woman received herself a tragic outcome

To avoid waste, many mothers keep leftover for the next day to eat, almost families has this habit.

However, not all foods that are left overnight can be eaten. Even many types of food overnight can produce factors that cause dangerous illnesses. In Malaysia, there was a mother who took good care of her family but only because she didn’t want to waste food, she ate the leftover food, causing her to have an incurable disease.

The story of this unfortunate mother is shared by her daughter Xie Jiayi, a 19-year-old girl, which has been attracted the attention of many people. The girl said that her mother, who regularly ate leftovers during the past 10 years, had stomach cancer. From a 60-kilogram-weigh mother suffering from the disease, only 28 kg left and left forever.

The leftovers in her family were usually vegetables. Thinking that eating vegetables is not harmful to health so the mother often stored left vegetables in the refrigerator, and cooked it again in the next morning.

However, storing the food in the fridge then heating up on the next day will promote harmful bacteria and substances in food development. In the long term, the more food you eat, the more likely it is to accumulate and harm your body, nourishing cancer cells.

In just 2-3 months, from a chubby woman, weighing 60 kilograms, the mother dropped to only 28 kg. The girl said her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer by doctors in July 2014.

After that, the mother had to perform surgery to remove 2/3 of the stomach and underwent 8 cycles of prolonged chemotherapy. But the cancer cells came back and grew stronger, eventually the woman died in the mourning of her family.

Before the sadness of losing her mother, the girl hopes that her story will be widely shared, taking it as a life lesson, reminding family and friends around her to absolutely not eat leftover food that stored in refrigerator overnight, avoid leaving unfortunate consequences.

The mother when she was still healthy. The shared story has made many people suffer.

Source: Daliulian

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