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Dad talking with the fetus in a unique way, 1 second after the ‘baby reacts’ violently making the mom laugh out loud
September 04 2018, 2:06 PM
The video below recorded the scene the fetus was talking to the dad that made the mom could not stop laughing.

About 10 weeks, the fetus can move in the mother’s belly. When the fetus is 16 weeks, the baby can hear the mother’s voice and sounds, even they can react to what they hear

The father joked the baby in the mother’s belly to make this unborn child react violently. He put his mouth to the abdomen of the mother to make strange sounds to tease with the child. Each time like this, the fetus would move very strongly like this baby was also joking to react to the father. The lovely action made the mother just know embracing her abdomen and laugh out loud. This made the father very excited to play with his unborn child. This scene of the small family looks warm!

The dad and the unborn child had a very funny way of communicating

Each time the sounds emitted, the fetus would react very strongly in the mother’s abdomen. This funny scene made the mother laugh

Dad did not just tease the unborn child once, he did this many times, every time the baby responded very strongly

Unexpectedly, a few months in the mother’s abdomen, the babies know the response to the communication with their parents. Surely that this baby would be very happy and funny to be born.

The communication of fathers to unborn children is beneficial. Dad has to make a bit more effort to be heard, but if he talks to the bump it may help your baby to recognise his voice too. We also know that unborn babies can remember and recognise different noises, so it’s likely fathers can start building their relationship with their children before they’re born. Encouraging dad to talk to the bump about their day, hobbies or interests, can help them to feel more involved in your pregnancy too. And although your baby won’t yet understand what’s being said, it’s great to know that in the third trimester, at least, they’re listening and already getting to know a bit about their family..

Watching video:

Source video: DKN.TV

Source: DKN.TV

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